It’s brushy time for the child! Play the Baby Hazel Brushing Time game free of charge on the PC. Get your dental abilities on the grounds that this game is about attention to your teeth. Assist Hazel with cleaning her teeth, floss in the middle, and flush appropriately. You’ll likewise get to play huge loads of fun small scale games! You can observe the Baby Hazel Brushing Time download here.


Clean Hazel’s Teeth Three Times every Day-

The game fills in as an illustration for kids to in every case appropriately clean their teeth. Like any legitimate practice, Hazel should clean her teeth when she awakens, in the wake of eating dinners, and before sleep time. That way, she will keep her teeth silvery white. In any case, if she dismisses her dental consideration, microorganisms and microscopic organisms begin to fill in her mouth. If that occurs, assist her with purifying everything off with legitimate oral cleanliness.



It’s a little scaled down game brimming with cool dental exercises that exploit your mouse. In Baby Hazel Brushing Time, you have three games: brush, floss, and scrub. In Brush mode, drag your mouse left and right, all over to scour her teeth. On the off chance that her teeth are yellowish, brush longer. Flossing is somewhat trickier since you need to drag the floss gradually with your mouse. In the event that you do it excessively quick, it will break. Flushing is simple since you absolutely need to tap over and over to rinse.


There is not a lot else to discuss here. Notwithstanding, it fills in as an appropriate cleanliness practice for youngsters. It’s a little small scale game that plays a lot more limited than other Baby Hazel game series. It’s the ideal game for youngsters who are taking oral cleanliness examples. There could be no more excellent way for youngsters to learn than to play computer games. So give it a shot. Play Baby Hazel Brushing Time on your PC now.



The Casual Kids’ Game PC Features-

  • Clean your teeth with a mouse.
  • Floss your teeth appropriately.
  • Flush your mouth with a tick of a button.
  • Extraordinary oral consideration mindfulness game.
  • Ideal for youngsters.


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